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About us and our clinics

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Randell's Footcare provide Podiatry services for

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Our Clinics


Routine Footcare

Our routine footcare services include nail cutting, foot massage, and the removal of corns and calluses. It may be routine, but we do it with as much care as everything else.

Ingrowing Toenails

Don’t suffer the pain of ingrowing toenails. Our surgical procedure is quick, effective and nothing to be scared of. You will be able to walk out of surgery after about 20 minutes.

Specialised Footcare

We offer specialised footcare for several medical conditions including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout. We fully understand your specific needs.

Swift Therapy

Here at Randell’s Footcare, we use Swift as a highly effective treatment for Verrucae. Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe

Verrucae Treatment

We offer a range of treatments for verrucae and will select the best one for you. Sometimes we recommend a combination of treatments and can advise you which will be best for you.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are very common and can affect both the skin of the feet an/or a single nail or several nails at once. The treatment of both is simple and completely painless.

Cracked Heels Treatment

This is when the skin around the borders of the heels becomes dry, scaly and cracked, often breaking apart causing deeper fissures which can be very sore and sometimes bleed.

Orthotics Footcare

This is a term used for inserts that fit into shoes to correct an abnormal or irregular walking pattern by slightly changing the angles at which the foot strikes the ground.

As part of our commitment, we continually invest in modern instruments and equipment to ensure that our practices and out-of clinic-services are up-to-date.

All our instruments are sterilised in an autoclave to ensure total sterility. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of foot care so if patients have any problems between appointments we will always see them free of charge to help make them comfortable. In short, we treat patients as we would like to be treated.


We are very proud of our team. They are all very passionate about their work and together have a huge wealth of experience and skills…

Steve Randell

Podiatrist and Co-Owner

Doreen Magee


Manuel Martinez

EU Qualified Podiatrist

Christine Riches

Podiatry Assistant

Matt Allen Administrator at Randell's Footcare

Matt Allen


Karen Randell

Clinical Director and Co-Owner

Miquel Bibiloni


Ivan Moreno Maestre


Podiatry Assistant

Nicky Phillips

Podiatry Assistant

Anna Ground


Norma Limond Receptionist

Norma Limond


Simon Buchan


Edgar Villora


Becky Knowles Business Manager

Becky Knowles

Business Manager

Debbie French Podiatry Assistant

Debbie French

Podiatry Assistant

Lisa Fincham


Join our team

If you think you could be a valuable member of our team, send us your CV and we'll let you know if we have anything that might suit you. email: becky@randellsfootcare.co.uk