Why are my feet so sensitive?

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People often ask about the causes and treatments for sensitive feet. Their symptoms can vary greatly; some might only experience a mild tingling, others extremely ticklish, sensitive feet or a constant burning feeling, maybe it’s a sharp pain that is worse at night or an extreme sensitivity to touch, making the weight of a sheet unbearable. Some people find that every pebble or change in the ground can be felt even with firm shoes on. Our Podiatrists have found that some of the most common reasons for this condition include: Neuropathy Your feet may be overly sensitive due to issues […]

Bunions…. do you suffer from one?

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Do you suffer with Bunions? Appearance: A bunion is a deformity that occurs in the first toe (metatarsal-phalangeal) joint – You may notice it as a bony lump at the base of the big toe.  Bunions more commonly occur with age, can be unsightly and are often painful as they form. Causes: This is usually a hereditary problem, we inherit the shape of foot that later develops a bunion deformity but there are other causes. Poor footwear, high levels of sports and foot type, (such as flat foot), are all common contributing factors. Prevention is, of course, always better than […]

Everything you need to know about fungal nails and how to treat them

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What is Fungal Nail? Fungal nail is a contagious condition that generally starts in one nail and will gradually spread to the others. Its also known as Onychomycosis. Toenails are most commonly affected but you can get it in fingernails too. It can be caused by many different types of fungi (yeasts or moulds) that live in the environment. Small cracks in your nail or the surrounding skin can allow these germs to enter your nail and cause an infection. It is very slow growing and therefore often people just assume that the changes are just part of the ageing […]

Morton’s Neuroma … A pain in the foot.

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A neuroma is the swelling of a nerve due to trauma or compression. The most common site for neuroma is the ball of the foot and is usually caused by stress and abnormal movement of the long bones behind the toes, (the metatarsal bones). A puncture wound or laceration that injures one of the nerves can also cause a neuroma. A small nerve passes between the spaces of the metatarsals. At the base of the toes, the nerves split forming a “Y” and enters the toes. It is in this area the nerve gets pinched and swells, forming the neuroma. […]

Ingrown Toenails

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In-growing Toenails       Symptoms and treatments In-growing toenails can be excruciatingly painful and can cause a lot of misery. Many people suffer un-necessarily with this condition, sometimes for years at a time. The good news is there is help available that will have you back on your feet in no time. In-growing toenails occur when the nail, or a splinter of the nail, digs in and pierces the flesh of the toe. As well as being very painful they can also be prone to infection. Often the toe is swollen, red, produces pus and can bleed. Most commonly it […]

Recurrent limb pain in childhood

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Worried parents? We are often approached by parents concerned about their children complaining of painful feet and lower limbs. If this is something that affects your child, then should you be worried? Children can express pain from a young age, although it can be tricky to identify the source of the pain in very young infants. When it is occurring regularly, or the pain is very intense, it may indicate that a foot assessment might be necessary. Recurrent limb pain in childhood Typically, children complain of aching in their lower extremities in the late afternoon and evening. Over the years […]

Nails change as part of life.

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Did you know…? As time goes by, our bodies undergo many changes. Our toe nails are no exception and will be affected by a series of alterations throughout our lifetime. These changes, in turn, will be influenced by our different habits and routines. The main changes will affect the colour and shape of the nails. Why and how? Sport or daily-life related injuries, can affect both colour and the form of the nail. Unfortunately these changes to the nail’s appearance are often permanent. Typical bad habits, such as incorrect cutting of the nails over many years, are likely to cause […]

Bio-mechanical Assessment (Made simple!)

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Specialists in podiatry and bio-mechanics Our feet are the only things that support us against the ground and the way they do this influences the rest of our body’s posture. We are specialists in podiatry and bio-mechanics.  Particularly interested in the bio-mechanical studies which serve to assess which type of treatment is the most appropriate for our patients. Examples of this are: advising certain exercises, the wearing of bespoke orthotics (insoles) and of course footwear recommendations. Observation tests First of all we carry out a static analysis of our patient, this is so we can observe the patient standing while […]