This is a term used for inserts that fit into shoes in order to correct an abnormal or irregular walking pattern by slightly changing the angles at which the foot strikes the ground.

They are prescribed to help control abnormal foot function and / or to accommodate painful areas of the foot. There are many different types of inserts or inner-soles available, however, Podiatrists can prescribe specific insoles that help to correct specific problems and so are not to be confused with many ‘over the counter type arch supports’ that can make the problem worse because they do not fit properly or are intended for a completely different problem. Each of our feet are often slightly different let alone from patient to patient, so prescription orthotics would be the correct treatment. Orthotics help to control the position and motion of the foot during the walking cycle and although they will not change the structure of the adult foot, they may help to relieve pain and prevent the development of additional deformity giving rise to further pain and discomfort.