Routine Footcare

Routine Footcare Our routine nail care services include nail care, nail cutting, the removal of corns and calluses and the treatment of bunions…

Corns and Callus

There are five different types of corns, the two most common are hard corns, which appear as small, concentrated areas of hard skin up to the size of a small pea usually within a wider area of thickened skin or callous and soft corns which are whitish and rubbery in texture and appear between toes, where the skin is moist from sweat, or from inadequate drying. A callus, or callosity, is an extended area of thickened skin often found on the soles of the feet and occurs on areas of pressure.  A callus on the sole of the foot is often likened to ‘walking on a stone’ and can be very painful. Both corns and callosities can be removed by the Podiatrist,, we will be able to advise you why this has occurred and, where possible, how to prevent it happening again.

Nail Care

Many people find it difficult to cut their toenails or prefer a professional to give them a good cut and file from time to time. Nails vary a lot in the speed in which they grow and many people’s toenails are slightly thickened from a lifetime of wear and tear. Randell’s Footcare are able to offer a nail cutting service with our Podiatry Assistants who have been trained and examined within our practice under the supervision of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. This service is accessible through one of the Podiatrists who will have assessed your foot care needs and can refer you to the Podiatry Assistant for nail and basic foot care, followed by a relaxing foot massage. For many people this service will be all that is required on a regular basis.