Team Work
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Team work is often discussed in relation to sport and gaining momentum from the opposition but in business it is equally as important to stay ahead of your competitors. It is just as important to have a good team around you who you can trust and can rely on to receive that all important ball to put in the net.

People often ask us why we have so many clinics in Norfolk. Before we moved from the south of England we had 3 clinics which showed us what could be achieved with more than one. Since coming to Norfolk we have seen there is a need (as there is in most of the country) for Registered and fully Accredited Podiatry clinics.

We started with one clinic in a G.P surgery and after a year another in North Walsham which in turn set us up for another in Cromer and so on. All the funds gained from one practice has been implemented into the next, this has been going on for the past eight years with the result of seven clinics. Each clinic on the high street has also needed a financial loan to produce a dynamic finish which we can be proud of. The equipment is really the best available which means its life span and comfort to patients is not compromised.

Chiropody, as stated on our video, historically used to be down back streets and upstairs, somewhere your grandparent would go, it has always been associated with the elderly. Everyone has feet and anyone at any age can have problems, sports related, verrucae, in-grown toenails etc.Having our own shops on the high street means that we can be seen by everyone making Podiatry more acceptable to all ages.

I digress from “Team work” to give a history of our progress. To manage these seven clinics you need good team work, if you have a poor player on the wing and the rest are good it is easily noticed and of course the team can deteriorate. Business is only as good as the weakest link. We at Randell’s Footcare really feel we have the best team available.

So one of the main advantages to us all in having so many clinics is not so much financial as the costs are pretty high, but that it makes all our livelihoods safer than ever before in the private sector. If one clinic is not performing so well during one week then we have six more that we can rely on.

Another important point to note is that each clinician only works one shift at any one clinic a week, therefore we all move around so that when we leave a clinic it is up to the individual to make sure that the clinic is spotless and stocked up or they will be letting the team and patients down.

Team work also helps keep our mental abilities fresh and we all meet every few weeks to discuss treatments and how we can offer a better service.

Previously working in Sussex I remember a Podiatrist in solitary practice having to be off work for six months. His practiced suffered terribly as the patients went elsewhere because not all of them could wait for his return. With our team we can keep the game going which has happened a few times and we also have our own very important holiday cover.

So in short as a team we are able to deliver a quality service whilst keeping our livelihoods safe in these very uncertain times.

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