Providing Podiatry During a Pandemic

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Scariest time for business The run-up to lockdown back in March was one of the scariest times we have ever experienced in our business history, much worse than the recession back in the early 1990s and the Great recession in 2008. In the 1990s we were running high street practices in Tunbridge wells and Tonbridge and the latter recession in Norfolk.  We experienced a dip in bookings and for a while a shortage of new patients attending. However, we still had open clinics every day, just more coffee breaks than we really needed! Different scenario The arrival of Coronavirus in […]


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COVID-19 UPDATE We would like to reassure our clients that during this outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19 we are taking precautions to prevent the spread of the infection in all of our clinics. A video of the precautions we take can be seen here On arrival at our clinics you will find anti-microbial hand sanitiser for all clients to use, please apply your face mask or covering before entering the clinics. We ask for your co-operation in using these in order to protect both clients and staff. As always, the clinician will put on clean gloves and an apron at the […]

Biomechanics – What it is and Why it’s useful

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Biomechanics is one of the fields of podiatry, which involves the prevention, diagnosis and assessment of the structure, alignment and function of muscles, bones and joints of the feet and lower limb. Podiatrists think like engineers to understand the abnormal tissue stresses that cause foot and lower extremity problems. By understanding bio-mechanics principles, we can all really help you to get over your injuries  and improve your life with the most effective treatment What is a biomechanical assessment ? What does it involve? A bio-mechanical examination consists of examining the way your lower limbs work, checking for abnormalities and possible causes […]

Footwear, just how important is it?

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As well as examining the feet of Norfolk people, we as podiatrists ensure we look at the whole person and not just the hole in the person!  Footwear is always checked during appointments and we often have patients ask, “what is right for my feet?”  One common error is wearing whatever feels comfortable. Patients are often seen wearing slip on shoes with flat soles, mistakenly thinking they are good due to lack of discomfort. BUT slip on shoes don’t offer any support to our feet.  Whilst several studies have shown an increase in musculature activity whilst running barefoot and minimalist shoe wear such as […]

Newsletter Autumn 2019

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NEW CLINIC & NEW STAFF New Norwich clinic This modern, well equipment Clinic contains two Podiatry rooms and its own dedicated Biomechanics area which has been fully equipment with the latest pressure pad technology and video gait analysis. This move has allowed us to open many more clinics during the week. The new clinic is ground level with no steps, this makes the clinic accessible for all. You can also find parking in front of the clinic on the forecourt parking, accessible from the Heigham Road. Now open Our clinic is manned by our new receptionist Pete, pop in to […]

Glasgow to Norwich, a podiatry journey explained

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Leaving high school my interest in sports and fitness led me to studying sports coaching. On completion of this course, I took a year out to work and save money to travel.  Returning I wanted to use the skills I had gained from studying sports to transfer into a medical related field so with a bit of encouragement from family I decided to choose Podiatry. Glasgow Caledonian University Studying for four years and gaining my BSc Hons degree in Podiatry from Glasgow Caledonian University has equipped me well for the role. The exposure was great. I have been lucky enough to […]

High Heels – is it worth it?

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Ladies, we all love wearing high heels right?  We feel elegant, taller and just fabulous when we put a pair on! However, there is a reason our feet throb in pain after about an hour of wearing stilettos. Yes, you all know that feeling of pulling your foot out of the heels when the night has finished and wincing in pain. This is because, high heels – alas – are just no good for our feet!   If you wear high heels on rare occasions, at a party or wedding, there won’t be any long-lasting damage. However, if you wear […]

Why do I need podiatry?

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Why do I need podiatry? A patient’s guide to podiatry services​ by Karen Randell. Common concerns about podiatry treatment Will it be painful? Treatment is usually pain free and should give immediate relief from discomfort. Will I get an infection? All our instruments will be sterilised or single use. Our podiatrists are trained to prevent cross infection and will wear gloves and aprons for your protection. What if I still have discomfort? We expect our patients to walk out of the clinic in complete comfort but if you do still have problems we will offer you a free follow up […]

Footballers’ Feet: What are they like?

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In my experience as a Randell’s Footcare podiatrist working with professional footballers, I have found two well defined stages during the football season. The bad one and the worst. Blisters, calluses, damaged nails Despite what we might think (that footballers must have perfect feet), in contrast, once inside the treatment room you find completely the opposite. Blisters, callus, bruised nails, damaged nails or even no nails!  Sometimes our mission is just to make things a bit easier for them. Sometimes they just need advice to find the way to keep their feet in tiptop condition. In some cases we need […]