Why do my feet Smell so badly?

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Why do my feet smell?Stinky feet can be really embarrassing and anti-social.Ever wondered what causes the stench?Well it’s all to do with sweat and bacteria. Our feet sweat in order to keep the skin supple and moist and to help us regulate our temperature. However, when this sweat gets trapped in socks and shoes, it can create the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive; warm, moist and dark. Sweat has a mild odour of it’s own but it is the bacteria that really cause the reek. Bacteria helps the sweat decompose and this releases a cheesy odour. The medical name […]

Slow pulse rate found with Doppler

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Mrs DW   Sheringham This lady came for her regular treatment, she had no health issues except that she was feeling a bit rundown and tired, her usual list of medication had not changed for a while., during treatment I noted that her feet were quite cold, but it was a cold December day. Towards the end of her foot treatment I listened with my Doppler to her foot pulses.  They were easy to find but her actual pulse was slow, about 44 bpm. I explained that this would account for her cold feet and possibly why she was feeling tired, […]

Patient Stories

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Mrs FW Fakenham – Fungal nail infections   FW has been coming to see us for the past 4 years. Most of her toenails had a chronic fungal infection that made them appear discoloured, thickened and painful to cut. Mrs W had stopped wearing any kind of open toe sandals or shoes that would show even a glimmer of her nails as she was so embarrassed by them. This was a great shame as she loved to holiday in Florida and Madeira regularly. At first, we suggested that she try one of our topical anti-fungal treatments alongside having all her […]

5 Interesting Foot facts

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Human foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles,ligaments and tendons. Women are 4 times more likely to have foot problems , mostly due to footwear. Average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, which add up to 115,000 miles in a lifetime (more than 4 times the circumference of the globe) During an average day of walking, the total forces on your feet can total hundreds of tons, equivalent to an average of a fully loaded cement truck. Most of back, knee and leg problems are directly linked with foot disorders. “ The human foot […]

Elderly foot-care is so important

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Throughout our lifetime we will probably walk enough steps to take us four times around the world!   When you think that with each step we take, our foot will carry our entire body weight, then it is not surprising that our feet require a little attention, especially as we become elderly. One of the main effects in later life is the loss of adipose tissue, (padding), in the sole of the foot.  This tissue acts as a natural shock absorber and so, as it degenerates with the normal ageing process, we have less protection from the everyday stresses and strains. […]

Knee Pain : a confusing diagnosis ….

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We often see patients in our clinics who suffer with knee pain due to ‘arthritis’. This can be a rather confusing and misleading diagnosis, as it literally means inflammation of the joint and it is by no means always the case that the knee structures are inflamed..  arthritis of the knee is rather too unspecific and therefore not particularly helpful when attempting treatment. The knee joint is a highly complex structure.  It is particularly vulnerable to damage, as it not only takes the full weight of your body, but also any extra force when you run or jump.  Sporty people […]

Why are my feet so sensitive?

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People often ask about the causes and treatments for sensitive feet. Their symptoms can vary greatly; some might only experience a mild tingling, others extremely ticklish, sensitive feet or a constant burning feeling, maybe it’s a sharp pain that is worse at night or an extreme sensitivity to touch, making the weight of a sheet unbearable. Some people find that every pebble or change in the ground can be felt even with firm shoes on.Our Podiatrists have found that some of the most common reasons for this condition include: NeuropathyYour feet may be overly sensitive due to issues with your […]

Bunions…. do you suffer from one?

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Do you suffer with Bunions? Appearance: A bunion is a deformity that occurs in the first toe (metatarsal-phalangeal) joint – You may notice it as a bony lump at the base of the big toe.  Bunions more commonly occur with age, can be unsightly and are often painful as they form. Causes: This is usually a hereditary problem, we inherit the shape of foot that later develops a bunion deformity but there are other causes. Poor footwear, high levels of sports and foot type, (such as flat foot), are all common contributing factors. Prevention is, of course, always better than […]

Everything you need to know about fungal nails and how to treat them

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What is Fungal Nail? Fungal nail is a contagious condition that generally starts in one nail and will gradually spread to the others. Its also known as Onychomycosis. Toenails are most commonly affected but you can get it in fingernails too. It can be caused by many different types of fungi (yeasts or moulds) that live in the environment. Small cracks in your nail or the surrounding skin can allow these germs to enter your nail and cause an infection. It is very slow growing and therefore often people just assume that the changes are just part of the ageing […]