Why do I need podiatry?

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Why do I need podiatry? A patient’s guide to podiatry services​ by Karen Randell. Common concerns about podiatry treatment Will it be painful? Treatment is usually pain free and should give immediate relief fromdiscomfort. Will I get an infection? All our instruments will besterilised or single use. Ourpodiatrists are trained to preventcross infection and will weargloves and aprons for yourprotection. What if I still have discomfort? We expect our patients to walkout of the clinic in completecomfort but if you do still haveproblems we will offer you a freefollow up appointment. Why is it so expensive? Our podiatrists have spent […]

Footballers’ Feet: What are they like?

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In my experience as a Randell’s Footcare podiatrist working with professional footballers, I have found two well defined stages during the football season. The bad one and the worst. Blisters, calluses, damaged nails Despite what we might think (that footballers must have perfect feet), in contrast, once inside the treatment room you find completely the opposite. Blisters, callus, bruised nails, damaged nails or even no nails!  Sometimes our mission is just to make things a bit easier for them. Sometimes they just need advice to find the way to keep their feet in tiptop condition. In some cases we need […]