Randell's Footcare

What our customers say

I recently had a very satisfactory visit to your North Walsham branch where I found your Podiatrist - knowledgeable and able to put me at relative ease with my diabetic concerns. As he suggested I would  certainly like to have a consultation every six months.

David Inwards

Excellent and professional service, text message you to see how you are getting on and if they can help after treatment. Email reminders before each appointment so you can't forget. Most importantly very kind and knowledgeable staff. Really impressed, would definitely recommend.

Michael King

A huge thank you to the podiatrist who earlier in the year carried out a gait analysis then designed orthotics specific to me to correct hip & knee stress. I have been suffering for over 25 years or more from knee and hip pain. Having worn the orthotics for four months I have been pain free and comfortable. Brilliant relief.

Crosby Chacksfield

I visit Randell's footcare clinic on a regular basis mainly for preventative care, though I have also received treatment. My podiatrist is always friendly, caring and professional. The clinic is well equipped, very clean and light and airy. All the staff are friendly and helpful and the clinic offers a really wide range of services. I always come away feeling my feet are very well cared for..

Sarah Fendley

I made an appointment at Randell's Footcare after repeatedly experiencing intense hip and ankle pain after any high impact exercise. The podiatrist diagnosed the cause of the pain on my first appointment with him and measured me insoles to correct the problem the same day. With the help of suggested exercises to target and strengthen specific muscles, and unique orthotic insoles, I am now running 4 times a week with almost no ankle or hip pain during or after. I'm incredibly grateful to Randell's Footcare for helping me, and would highly recommend them.

Poppy Burnham

My wife came to your  clinic this morning in Norwich and was very impressed with the service she received. On that basis I'd like to make an appointment please for a general makeover of my feet.

Mr Hull

"Feel like I'm walking on air after my appointments! Very professional and knowledgeable. They looked after my Mum's feet so well and now they're looking after mine. No hesitation in recommending Randell's Footcare."

Brenda Barrett

"I had a long standing Verruca for 10 years plus, which would not budge with conventional treatments. I undertook a Swift treatment course at Randell's and as a result my verruca is no more. Many thanks to Karen Randell and her team."

Mike Fox

'I'm so pleased with my orthotics, it's the best thing I've ever done, I am very, very happy!'

Susan Francis