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Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail happens when a spike or rough edge of nail pushes into the soft skin at the side of the toe as the nail grows forward. This most often occurs on the big toes. The toe can be extremely painful, inflamed and infected.

Toenails that are thick or curved can also cause the toe sides to be painful even though they are not actually ingrowing.

We can often clear the offending piece of nail sometimes using local anaesthetic, this along with footwear and nail cutting advice may be all that is needed but sometimes a further procedure is required.

Ingrown toenail surgery

Partial Nail removal – Removal of the side of the ingrown nail

Total Nail removal – Removal of the whole ingrown nail

Both procedures include the surgery appointment & follow-up dressing appointments

We guarantee this procedure so that if there is any future problems we will treat until comfortable

What's involved?

The surgery is painless due to the administration of a local anesthetic

Once the offending piece of nail is removed a chemical is applied to the exposed cells to ensure regrowth of the nail does not occur

Dressing and bandages are then applied

The podiatrist will follow up with you in 2-3 days and then 2 weekly until everything is healed

Our Treatment

toe nail surgery
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Ingrown Toenail Operation - Randell's Footcare

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Before & After - Ingrown Toenail - Randell's Footcare

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Full nail removal - Randell's Footcare

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  • Podiatry Treatment £50
  • New Patient Assessment & Treatment £60
  • Podiatry Assistant £35
  • Ingrowing Toenail Surgery:
  • Single Toe £520
  • Multiple Toes £620
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • 3 Sessions £300
  • Additional Treatment £80
  • Swift Verrucae Treatment
  • 3 Month Course £350
  • Additional £60
  • Plasma Verrucae Treatment £65
  • Cryotherapy Single Verruca £65
  • Multiple Verrucae £80
  • Skin lesion £35
  • LCN Nail reconstruction £50
  • Full Biomechanical Assessment £180