Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrown toenails develop when the nail begins to grow into the person’s skin when it should be growing over the top of it. This often occurs on the big toe. Toenails that are thick or curved are usually more prone to getting ingrown toenails.

Why do they develop?

  • Often caused by footwear,
  • Trauma such as form sporting activities
  • In-correct nail trimming
  • In some cases inherited

These can be treated conservatively during a routine appointment however, if the skin has become broken by the nail this can result in an infection, the toe can swell and antibiotics may be required.

Permanent cure

Nail surgery is indicated when conservative management fails. It is used as a cure for ingrowing toenails and is often needed in cases where abnormally curved, thickened, damaged nails are a problem.

  • The procedure involves removing usually only the affective side of the nail plate.
  • It is usually painless due to the administration of a local anaesthetic and no stitches are required.
  • Once the offending piece of nail is removed a chemical is applied to the exposed nail matrix to ensure regrowth of the nail does not occur.
  • Following this procedure the person can walk out of the surgery.

What are you waiting for? Put your feet in our hands and leave the pain from ingrown toenails behind!