Morton's Neuroma

What is a Morton’s Neuroma?

  • A neuroma is the swelling of a nerve due to a trauma or compression. The most prevalent site for a neuroma is on the ball of the foot
  • Pain often starts as numbness or tingling, sometimes as a burning sensation in the toes. As this cycle progresses, symptoms may worsen, causing more and more pain.
  • Your podiatrist will diagnose the neuroma and will carry out a physical examination or Biomechanics assessment.
  • Treatment involves reducing the shear forces between the metatarsal heads by controlling the amount of pronation the foot goes through.
  • We offer Radial Shockwave Therapy as a course of treatment
  • Occasionally cortisone injections are also used and the Podiatrist will refer you for this.
  • Sometimes the podiatrist will refer you for surgical removal as a last resort.