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Heel pain & Plantar fasciitis

Our routine nail care treatment is carried out by one of our HCPC registered podiatrists, each having completed at least a three year BSc in Podiatry.

Randell’s Footcare offers first class podiatry and biomechanics services across 8 clinics in North Norfolk.

Our Treatment options

The type of treatment you receive will depend on the podiatrist’s initial assessment of your feet

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Some common causes of Heel pain

The most common condition, damage to the plantar fascia, a strong band of tissue (like a ligament) that connects your heel to your middle foot bones. It supports the arch of your feet and also acts as a shock absorber in your feet.

An enlargement of the bony section of the heel (where the Achilles tendon is inserted) The skin near the back of the heel can become irritated when the large, bony lump rubs against rigid shoe.

Inflammation of a bursa (a fluid-filled fibrous sac) under the heel bone.

An outgrowth of bone generally from the underside of the heel bone.

The achilles tendon is placed under more pressure than it can cope with and small tears develop, along with inflammation, which in some cases leads to tendon rupture.

Caused by falling from a height or landing on an uneven surface.

A painful inflammation of the Achilles tendon where it attaches to the heel, most commonly affects 8- 12 yr old children especially if physically active or undergoing a growth spurt.

This can feel like a burning or tingling sensation under the heel within the arch of the foot with occasional loss of sensation on the bottom of the foot. This is caused by compression of the tibial nerve as it passes the inside of the ankle.

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  • Podiatry Treatment £50
  • New Patient Assessment & Treatment £60
  • Podiatry Assistant £35
  • Ingrowing Toenail Surgery:
  • Single Toe £520
  • Multiple Toes £620
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • 3 Sessions £300
  • Additional Treatment £80
  • Swift Verrucae Treatment
  • 3 Month Course £350
  • Additional £60
  • Plasma Verrucae Treatment £65
  • Cryotherapy Single Verruca £65
  • Multiple Verrucae £80
  • Skin lesion £35
  • LCN Nail reconstruction £50
  • Full Biomechanical Assessment £180