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Routine Treatment

Our routine nail care treatment is carried out by one of our HCPC registered podiatrists, each having completed at least a three year BSc in Podiatry.

Randell’s Footcare offers first class podiatry and biomechanics services across 8 clinics in North Norfolk.

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Our routine treatment includes:

Randell's Footcare

Further Details

These can be painful and need removal by a podiatrist. The podiatrist will look at what has caused the hard skin or corns to develop and come up with preventative measures.

Nails can become thickened and difficult to manage for a variety of reasons as we go through life. These can be cut and the thickness of nails reduced easily with our electronic spray burs.

This is when the skin around the borders of the heels become dry, scaly and cracked, often breaking apart causing deeper fissures which can then be very sore and can sometimes bleed. Wearing shoes with open backs that expose the heels allowing the skin to dry out

  • Shoes that put pressure on and rub the edges of the heels
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Being overweight
  • Diabetes which can cause dry Skin Increasing age – skin naturally loses moisture as we get older
  • Fungal skin infections, which causes drying of the skin and can affect the heels

Our podiatrists will assess any foot issues and recommend a tailored treatment plan for specialist treatment should you need it. For example, verrucae, biomechanics, etc

Podiatry Assistants

Randell’s Footcare offers a Basic Footcare service by our experienced Podiatry Assistants. This is available once the Podiatrist has assessed your footcare needs. For many people this service will be all that is required but you will need a full podiatry assessment once a year, with a podiatrist.

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  • Podiatry Treatment £50
  • New Patient Assessment & Treatment £60
  • Podiatry Assistant £35
  • Ingrowing Toenail Surgery:
  • Single Toe £520
  • Multiple Toes £620
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • 3 Sessions £300
  • Additional Treatment £80
  • Swift Verrucae Treatment
  • 3 Month Course £350
  • Additional £60
  • Plasma Verrucae Treatment £65
  • Cryotherapy Single Verruca £65
  • Multiple Verrucae £80
  • Skin lesion £35
  • LCN Nail reconstruction £50
  • Full Biomechanical Assessment £180